Ashland Creek Press Blog – Equamore

A few weeks ago, Midge Raymond and I visited Equamore, a horse rescue sanctuary here in Ashland.  Midge wrote a wonderful article for the Ashland Daily Tidings to share the work about Equamore and all wonderful things they do. It was featured today in the paper, and also on her Blog. We are heading back on Friday to take more photos of these amazing horses, so look for some Equamore horse paintings in the near future….after I finish 2 more Sanctuary One paintings (Jigsaw and Cookies) and a sweet pug from Central Coast Pug Rescue!  http://www.ashlandcreekpress.com/blog/2012/11/26/how-to-spot-animal-abuse-and-how-to-help/

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“It Wasn’t Me”, a Portrait of Bob

My most recent pet portrait – this is Bob (short for Big ‘Ol Boy), a Mastiff. Bob is really big, and such a sweetheart. I love this perspectiveMastiff Bull Mastiff-Inspired Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings by Dana Feagin, with most of him hidden behind his big head! A visitor to the Ashland Art Center during November’s First Friday suggested the title “It Wasn’t Me” – which is just perfect for this one!

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Meritorious Entries in the 2012 Richeson 75 Birds, Animals and Wildlife Competition

Two of my animal paintings – “Got Mice?” and “You Looking at Me?” were noted as Meritorious Entries for this year’s Richeson 75 animal art competition! They will appear in the hard-cover book for the show.Pet Portrait Cat Painting by Dana Feagin-Inspired Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings by Dana Feagin

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“Got Mice?” Won Second Place at the Irving Arts Association Wildlife Competition 2012

I was so pleased to get the announcement that “Got Mice?” won an award at the Irving Arts Wildlife Show in Texas this weekend! This painting placed second in the oil & acrylic category. I need to paint more of these fun, narrow facial portraits!

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“Cats Sayings: Wit and Wisdom from the Whiskered Ones” – My Painting “Lisa Laughs” is Featured in This Fun New Book!

Lisa , Sanctuary One’s Yorkshire pig, will really be laughing now! Her portrait is featured in the book “Cat Sayings: Wit and Wisdom from the Whiskered Ones”, and she’s not even a cat! Good for her!! I just ordered the book!  http://bookcollaborative.com/artists/dana-feagin/
lisa yorkshire pig from sanctuary one in jacksonville, or- inspired pet portraits and animal paintings in oil by Dana feagin
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Sanctuary One Paintings at Starbucks, Downtown Ashland, August – October 2012

Five of my Sanctuary One animal paintings are featured at the downtown Ashland Starbucks through the end of October. Today, “Ferdinand” replaced “Peeking Pekin”, which sold over the weekend! I will soon be happily writing a check to Sanctuary One, as 10% of my sales from these paintings and associated prints/cards is donated to help them with animal care and rescue.

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Special Recognition Artist – 2012 Light Space Time International Animal Art Competition

Pleased to have received a Special Recognition Artist designation in the 2012 Light Space Time International Animal Art Competition! Sam Dolman’s pig painting won the top prize – crazy detail on his fabulous painting!



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Canine Art Guild Newest Show, “Puppies”

Check out the newest online art show for the Canine Art Guild – Puppies! I had to dig around to find my one puppy painting for entry. Be sure to vote for the People’s Choice Award! http://canineartguild.com/gallery/

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My Newest Sanctuary One Painting “Cream”

My newest painting “Cream”; she is a former blood donor cow from a veterinary school. She retired at Sanctuary One with her friend Cookies, and is also available for adoption. With her white coat, I just had to paint her with a fun & colorful  polka dot background – I think it suits her!

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Featured Artist on Horse and Man Blog, June 7, 2012

I am pleased to be featured a second time on Man and Horse blog! Dawn Diovera visited the Ashland Art Center and Sanctuary One last summer, which resulted in my first feature. . Today I was featured in an updated post with newer paintings!


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